Cole Redalen

Cole Redalen Signs Deal with EV-7 Disc Golf

Cole Redalen, PDGA #79748, inks a three year deal with EV-7 Disc Golf, from 2022 to 2025, injecting youth and more talent in the EV-7 team, along side tour veterans Drew Gibson and newly signed Matt Bell. The 1025 rated 16 year old had a breakout 2021 season. He will be putting with the Phi to kick off the 2022 season.
17 diciembre 2021 — EV-7 Disc Golf
Matt Bell Joins EV-7

Matt Bell Joins EV-7

We’re excited to announce the signing of Matt Bell, PDGA #48950, to a three year athlete agreement, from 2022 to 2025. Matt is a veteran on the disc golf tour, amassing wins and accolades year after year. Matt will be starting the 2022 season putting with the Penrose in a co-developed custom blend of plastic. 
16 diciembre 2021 — EV-7 Disc Golf
Drew Gibson Partners with EV-7 Disc Golf

Drew Gibson se asocia con EV-7 Disc Golf

Noticias emocionantes para EV-7: Drew Gibson firma un contrato de tres años

01 febrero 2021 — EV-7 Disc Golf
The Penrose is PDGA Approved

El Penrose está aprobado por la PDGA

La Asociación Profesional de Golf de Disco aprobó nuestro putter debut, el Penrose, el 21 de noviembre de 2020

11 enero 2021 — EV-7 Disc Golf
A New Chapter for Phil Arthur

Un nuevo capítulo para Phil Arthur

El comienzo de EV-7: Arthur trabajará en una nueva línea de discos y en un destino de disc golf en el sureste

04 enero 2021 — EV-7 Disc Golf