OG Philthy Lid Catch & Throw Disc


The Philthy Lid was developed as a result of a collaboration between EV-7 and Hyperflite.

The disc style was originally developed for Hyperflite and their canine brand; we discussed enlarging their K-10 model to a 10 inch diameter lid size disc for
catch. The disc was too good not to co-brand and get out to our disc golf community. We really enjoy the disc and we know you will too.

The EV-7 Lid throw and catch disc is one of the most durable and best-flying fast back style catch and throw discs on the market. It has a neutral flight, making it easy to throw. The Lid holds any line you throw it on. The patented low-profile grip surface on the top surface and underside of each disc allowing for secure gripping in all conditions. Even better, the EV-7 Lid features anti-glare technology for warming up or games of catch in the bright afternoon sunlight.

The EV-7 Lid throw and catch disc does not float in water.


  • Weight: 150 grams 
  • Diameter: 10 inches 
  • Height: 1.25 inches