Matt Bell Joins EV-7

We’re excited to announce the signing of Matt Bell, PDGA #48950, to a three year athlete agreement, from 2022 to 2025. Matt is a veteran on the disc golf tour, amassing wins and accolades year after year. He is the 2016 PDGA Putting World Champion, a 2018 PDGA Doubles World Champion, 2021 DGPT Putting Invitational 2 Champion, and PDGA National Tour Champion. He is currently ranked 20th in the world, and rated 1024. Matt will be starting the 2022 season putting with the Penrose in a co-developed custom blend of plastic. 

From Matt Bell

“In my pursuit to find perfection on the putting green, I have found EV-7. With this partnership, I believe My best performances on the course are ahead of me and not behind me. Through the evolution of technology and testing I will now have the best tools available to show my true mettle.”

We couldn’t agree more with Matt. We believe his best days on tour are ahead of him as well. We’re excited for the experience he brings as a player, and not just  competing with our products, but with input on and help developing new product as well. 


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December 16, 2021 — EV-7 Disc Golf