EV-7: Premium Disc Golf Putters

Feel free to use the logos below for your club / tournament website, print materials, or disc art. Please review the EV-7 logo usage guidelines below before downloading and using our logo. 

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EV-7 Disc Images

Please use the provided disc images for your club / tournament, store, website, or print material marketing needs.

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EV-7 Disc Golf Logo Usage Guidelines

The registered logo of EV-7 Disc Golf represents an important element of EV-7's identity. Consistent use of the logo by EV-7, component organizations, and EV-7 vendors reinforces this visual image as the symbol of quality golf discs world wide. The EV-7 logo is the exclusive property of EV-7 LLC. Any use or reproduction thereof by anyone not in good standing with EV-7, by any vendor that is not authorized by EV-7, or by any EV-7 endorsed vendor that fails to conform to the restrictions and guidelines set forth herein is specifically prohibited.

These guidelines are subject to change at any time. Any use of the logo that does not reflect good taste, professionalism or quality is prohibited; EV-7 retains sole discretion to make a determination in this regard, which shall be final. Any questions regarding logo usage that are not addressed here should be directed to info@ev-7mfg.com.