Cameron Colglazier Joins EV-7 Disc Golf

If you don’t know, you’re gonna know. Cameron Colglazier is back. After a long hiatus, he’s touring in 2022, and we’re partnering with him. He’s already started his season with a W, and we’re looking forward to many more! 

Cameron Colglazier, PDGA #47407inks a one year deal with EV-7 Disc Golf, for the 2022season, adding  youth another veteran presence and more talent in the EV-7 team, along side Drew Gibson and newly signed Matt BellThe 1031 (at signing, now 1028) rated player had a breakout 2021 season with 5 wins, returning from a tour hiatus while focusing on family, friends, and a growing business. 

Cam's accolades include 2012 Rookie of the Year, a total of 59 career wins, and a near 33% winning average. 

Cam will be putting with the EV-7 Phi to kick off the 2022 season. 

Like Drew, Cameron is also sponsored by Infinite Discs. Follow him on his social platforms below:

14 julio 2022 — EV-7 Disc Golf